process: consulting

Our clients come to us with a vision. They have expertise and knowledge of an industry and an understanding of the unique needs of potential customers. We work with them to realize that vision.

We listen to and work with our clients to turn their expertise into digital solutions that create value for their customers. Through our consultations, the Kode41 team becomes the client’s team and we bridge the gap between their business needs and an intelligent, comprehensive product.

process: architecture and design

At Kode41, every project is unique, but by drawing from the strength or our engineers’ education and experiences and a deep familiarity with industry practices we are frequently able to provide pre-designed solutions for many aspects of a project.

Our engineers implement modern, and often open source, components to speed completion of a project and reduce project costs. We work with clients to assess project needs and determine those components that provide an optimal solution. And because of our expertise in various back-end and front-end technologies (Java, Python, .Net, Angular, React, and more), we are able to tailor every project to uniquely match any client.

process: continuous integration

Kode41 takes great pride in developing lasting, user-friendly products. By adhering to Agile development practices and developing with continuous integration, we are able to create products with fewer bugs and to shorten the time needed to bring a viable, solid product to market.

From the very start of a project, test driven development is seen as an integral part of the design process at Kode41. Our engineers utilize continuous integration tools like Jenkins and Circle CI, testing frameworks like JUnit, Karma, and Jasmine, and code coverage tools like Instambul.js. The results of our rigorous testing are software systems with repeatable unit and end-to-end tests that are automatically executed throughout the release process.