Pitch + Pivot

Pitch + Pivot Case Study

Software development case study: Pitch + Pivot


Who: Pitch + Pivot (pitchpivot.com)
Where: Buffalo, New York
Industry: Professional Services, Sales and Marketing Services
When: December 2015 – ongoing
Challenge: Create a unified reporting platform enabling Pitch + Pivot to provide inbound lead generation reports to all clients
Solution: Develop and host a custom software package written in Python that will retrieve and organize report data from an external source and display it in Pitch + Pivot’s dashboard
• Quick implementation time: Delivered and ready to use in three weeks
• Affordable price: Half the price of competitive bids
• Full package solution: Kode41 did everything from project requirements/definition to delivery and hosting



Pitch + Pivot is a sales and marketing services provider from Buffalo, New York. The company was founded in 2014 and provides both inbound and outbound sales and marketing services. Pitch + Pivot brings a unique set of skills and experiences built for startup, early stage and high growth potential companies. Pitch + Pivot aims to provide clients with a marketing and sales platform that is scalable and fuels client’s organic growth efforts.



Pitch + Pivot was growing rapidly as their inbound marketing services were filling clients’ funnels with new leads. As Pitch + Pivot’s client base grew, so did the need to automate manual processes and organize data for clients in one easy to understand dashboard. Pitch + Pivot teamed up with Kode41 to develop a proprietary dashboard software solution.



Prior to Kode41, Pitch + Pivot used local software contractors. This often resulted in limited availability and inconsistent work quality. Furthermore, end products lacked documentation and the knowledge exchange was often neglected. In the fall 2015 Pitch + Pivot decided to team up with Kode41 for Custom Dashboard project.