Employii Payroll

Employii Payroll Case Study

Software development case study: Employii Payroll


Who: Employii Payroll, LLC (employii.com)
Where: Buffalo, New York
Industry: HR and Payroll Services
When: June 2015 – ongoing
Challenge: Expedite software development to deliver critical new features for clients
Solution: Augment development team with experts specialized in Employii’s technology stack (Python/Django and AngularJS)
• Ramp up time: two weeks, no time spent on recruitment
• Talent: MSc and PhD level software developers
• Flexibility: Employii can scale team up or down as needed



Employii Payroll, LLC (“Employii”) is an HR services automation provider from Buffalo, New York. It is a Software as a Service company founded in 2012 and provides a full suite of HR services: from payroll to time tracking to HR documentation management. Employii’s technology stack is Python/Django on the back-end and AngularJS on the front-end. They use the Agile Software Development Methodology.



Employii struggled for several quarters to staff up its engineering team in order to add critical new features and functionality to the product. They hired costly head hunters and experimented with a bunch of different job sites but still couldn’t land the necessary talent. It was taking too much time and Employii needed a better way forward.



Employii teamed up with Kode41 engineers. The initial knowledge transfer was quick and easy because Kode41 developers already had extensive experience with similar technology stacks in the b2b space. Kode41 replicated Employii’s development environment and was ready to add features to the product in a matter of two weeks. Since then the development team has doubled the number of features per bi-weekly release.