New is Live!

New is live!

May 9, 2016 New is Live!

Great news: New is live!

At Kode41, we have an unofficial motto, a philosophy, a raison d’etre, we suppose. It’s very simple: Crush it. Crush it 100 percent of the time and at 100 percent of your crushing ability. Crush it during your morning coffee. Crush it all day. Crush it even more at night. We even crush it during that strange dream we all have where we’re coding in our underwear on the moon. It’s a philosophy we’ve borrowed from a potential employee of innovative (albeit fictional) start-up Pied Piper.

Clip courtesy of HBO Networks. All right reserved.

Recently though, we noticed there was one area where we were not really crushing it as hard as we could be: our own website. Yes, our website crushed it. But did it crush it to level of crushing we expect from our projects? Sadly, it didn’t.

We are a busy team. We’d been so busy creating impeccable back-end software in Java and Python, helping clients design superb applications using Material Design, and building great user experiences with front-end languages like Angular and React, that we had let our own website slip in its crushing ability. Were we like those great chefs who toil in world-famous restaurants and then eat cheap fast-food at the end of their shifts? Maybe. But not anymore.

We are happy to announce the newly-redesigned Responsive. Speedy. And more gorgeous than ever before. We can happily say the new website fully crushes it. Check it out. And, if you love it (or hate it), let us know. Maybe we can crush a project together.

Thanks for reading. Drop us a note at It would be great to hear from you.

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