about our company

Kode41 was founded in 2015 by Igor Fisl and Vladimir Gogoljev. The founders graduated together and worked together in Amsterdam, Netherlands where they further developed their skills at companies like Markit, Atradius, and Levi9. Together, they’ve led global teams in the design and creation of real-time trading systems, market data distribution platforms, Monte Carlo simulation platforms, banner exchange auctioning systems, and social media analytics platforms.

By implementing a consultative approach, utilizing a unique access to talent, and adhering to an Agile development approach, Kode41 is able to create impactful, stable, market-ready systems for our clients. We are dedicated to client success because we are passionate about the systems we create and we prioritize the organic growth that comes from recurring engagements and word-of-mouth recommendations.

The company is headquarters are in Buffalo, NY with a delivery center in Novi Sad, Serbia.

about our people

At Kode41, our talent is drawn from a field of highly-educated and innovate engineers and educators in software development. We employ professors from the Chair of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Novi Sad, and because of our established relationships these professors assist us in identifying and recruiting the top talent in each graduating class. These academics further help Kode41 shape our talent pool through creative research and development projects for Kode41 and at the university. The result of this process is a homogeneous team of highly-educated and experienced professionals who are passionate about software design and who program innovatively and inventively.

about our founders

Igor Fisl, co-founder, has worked in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and New York, NY, with a particular focus in the FinTech industry at companies like Markit, PwC, and Atradius where he gained experience designing and developing real-time trading systems, exchange connectivity gateways, and scholastic simulation systems.

Most recently, Igor has worked to lead investment initiatives in technology startups at Talis Equity. It was from this experience that Igor drew inspiration to start a company and create Kode41. Igor currently works out of Kode41’s Buffalo office where he controls project management and business development efforts.

Igor is a CFA charterholder and holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Novi Sad and an MBA from Emory University.

Vladimir Gogoljev, co-founder, is Kode41’s “man on the ground” at its delivery center in Novi Sad, Serbia. Previous to Kode41, Vladimir was a partner at IT services company, Levi9, and assisted in growing the company to its current state of over 500 IT professionals. Vladimir has extensive experience serving clients in the financial, retail/e-commerce, and digital marketing industries.

Vladimir holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Novi Sad.