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Kode41 is a digital custom software development agency with a passion for delivering software that people love to use and a history of providing elegant, intelligent solutions to clients.

At Kode41, we love programming and we look forward to new challenges.

Whether clients need back-end, front-end, or full-stack development, we listen to clients and create lasting products that exceed goals and deliver results.

The Kode41 team is a highly-educated and experienced group comprised exclusively of engineers who hold MSc or higher level qualifications.

From traditional Unix or Windows applications to web applications and mobile apps, the engineers at Kode41 have the knowledge and expertise to swiftly move projects from conception to completion.

Are you working with big data and need processing and analytics? Does your project require low latency real time processing? Kode41 has done it before and is ready to solve your challenge with creative, intelligent solutions.

We deliver success on multiple platforms, and we create solutions in a number of languages. For the back-end parts of the system, we have experience working on everything from platform-optimized applications in C++ or C# to platform independent applications in Java or Python. On the front-end, we use frameworks like Angular and React and make web apps that run in any browser and on any device. Regardless of the specifics of the project, our team will design and code your project with experience and enthusiasm.

The dedicated Kode41 team is eager to build your products and deliver your solutions.

“Kode41 is a great partner. They got up and running quickly and the engineers are talented. They deliver quality code on time. I would recommend them to any software company, especially those that use Python/Django and AngularJS.”

“Kode41 had our best interest in mind throughout the project. They always chose the most efficient path, whether that meant developing software from the ground up or incorporating existing technology off the shelf.”

Stephanie Seufert

Director of Lead Generation at Nelson

“From the project start I was impressed with Kode41 approach. Kode41 scoped the whole project for us and defined all the requirements. Furthermore, they helped us choose additional off the shelve software components in order to keep the project affordable. Kode41 kept us up-to-date with project progress and organized a workshop for documentation and knowledge transfer at the end.”

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